A dog owner has appealed for public help to trace her dog, which ran off after it was hit by a car that failed to stop.

The pitbull dog, called Kane, was struck near Port Royal Gas Station in Southampton last Tuesday and was last seen heading in the direction of Somerset.

Kristine Simons, Kane’s owner, said she had received some calls about sightings of a dog around White Hill field, but searches in the area had been unsuccessful.

Ms Simons said: “He is non-aggressive and very friendly but we don’t know what he will be like after being hit by a car and going without food and water. I saw it happen. I think it was a red car that hit him but my focus was on the dog.”

She added: “I don’t blame the people who hit him but it is disappointing that they didn’t stop as they would have been in the best position to see which direction he went in and we could have focused our energies better in the first few days.”

The incident happened close to the nature reserve and pond near Evan’s Bay.

A witness saw the white and tan, red-nosed pitbull run along the railway trail by Rockaway Ferry near White Hill field leading to Somerset Bridge, but lost sight of him at Morgan’s Point Gate.

The dog is 15 months old, was wearing a green camouflage collar with a dog tag and is microchipped.

Ms Simons said she had contacted the dog warden, SPCA and vets.

She thanked people who had helped in the search.

Anyone with information on the dog should contact Ms Simons on 737-0892 or Junior DeSilva on 777-1314.