Warning over drink driving

May 5th, 2020|0 Comments

Police warned they will be on the lookout for drink drivers after the shelter in place regulations are eased tomorrow.

The service said that many people would be in “celebratory mode” with the end of the four-week lockdown.

But Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes warned that officers would patrol the roads and carry out speed checks “as the community returns to some semblance of normalcy”.

He added: “While there are no roadside sobriety checkpoints at this time, this does not mean that officers will not be stopping those suspected of driving while impaired.”

He told the public: “If in doubt, and you intend to consume alcohol, do not get behind the wheel of any vehicle or ride a bike.

“Please drive responsibly and do your part to reduce collisions and injuries to free up our hospital staff to deal with Covid-19 related issues.”

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