You want to slow cars? Slow buses first

February 21st, 2018|0 Comments

Dear Sir,

I was interested in Michael Fahy’s article about our bus service in your February 15 edition. He makes some sensible suggestions. I make another: that the new timetable should be based on buses travelling only at 45km/h.

Too often, travelling at my normal 50kmh, I have been caught up by buses travelling much faster. It should be possible to track their progress and know when a driver is regularly going faster than 50. If the buses were slowed, it should go some way towards slowing cars.

Regarding some of the other recent correspondence about the death toll on our roads, I believe that talk of enforcing the present 35km/h speed limit is totally unrealistic. It’s just not going to happen. I think that the official limit should be raised to 45, and above 50 should be ticketed, rather than the existing 60.

Speed traps and cameras, and whatever means possible, should be used to enforce the limit and vehicles should not be relicensed if there are outstanding tickets against them. At present, there is little perception of being caught speeding, and the average speed is going up and up.

Another suggestion that may help your campaign is for you to report accounts of the inquests into road deaths. I believe that these are open to the public and publication may help to shock drivers into caution. If there is not a public inquest after each road death, and I do not know whether there is, perhaps there should be.


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