Technical issues delay roadside testing

September 12th, 2018|0 Comments

The implementation of roadside sobriety checkpoints has been delayed again due to “technical issues”.

The first of the checkpoints, which were previously expected today, are now scheduled for next Friday and Saturday.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes said: “Unfortunately, due to a technical issue, the required gazetting of the notice informing the public about the use of roadside sobriety checkpoints did not occur in time for their deployment this weekend as the relevant legislation requires the public to be advised at least five days in advance.

“However, that issue has since been rectified and approval has been given by the senior magistrate for roadside sobriety checkpoints to be in effect next weekend.”

The Road Traffic (Road Sobriety Checkpoints) Amendment Act 2018 was given Royal assent on July 23. David Burt, the Premier, had aimed to have checkpoints implemented in time for Cup Match at the beginning of August.

However, the Ministry of National Security said that they did not go ahead as the handheld breathalysers had not arrived on the island. Roadside sobriety checkpoints can still be implemented without devices using field tests and the breathalyser at Hamilton Police Station.

On August 23, the Commissioner of Police, Steven Corbishley, said the checkpoints would likely be implemented “within seven days”.

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