Dear Sir,

I wrote a letter to you about 17 years ago concerning how the problems of drink-driving and no licence or insurance were handled in Anchorage, Alaska. I do not know whether it is still in effect or whether it was successful. However, the bottom line was that people who continually broke the law, or had a bad violation, not only were fined or imprisoned, but the vehicle was forfeited.

The proceeds of selling the vehicle went into the town coffers. Now we all love our cars and put a lot of money into them, with fancy wheels and audio systems, and it would be a big blow to lose such vehicles and be fined and/or imprisoned.

Unfortunately, I do not think our politicians would have the guts to bring in such a law. Fining a person or giving jail time is not a deterrent. So hit where it really hurts, not only with the loss of a vehicle but a ban from owning another for five years.

I know if I had my car confiscated, my wife would give me hell because she would not have transportation, either. The whole household would suffer. By confiscating the vehicles and imposing a heavy fine of $20,000 or more, we could free up some space at Westgate Correctional Facility and not have to pay the expenses of such an incarceration.

A simple solution, but not one any politician is ever likely to make. Sad.