Speed cameras could curb third-laning and overtaking on blind bends as well as speeding, the transport minister said.

Walter Roban explained hi-tech cameras similar to those in widespread use in Britain and other countries would penalise speeding and irresponsible driving behaviour.

He added: “We are going to address that with the Minister of National Security. The island-wide camera system that has been in place is overseen by them.

“We are looking at advancing that technology further to have speed camera abilities so that we can do some more things in that area.”

Mr Roban added: “CCTV technology can be enhanced. We already have the ability here at TCD through our own technologies to recognise licence plates.

“But the issue of speed cameras is a matter that we will have to work with the Ministry of National Security with and the Bermuda Police Service because they operate the island-wide system that might be of assistance with deploying that technology further.

“We will work with our partners such as the police on how we deal with the issue of speeding and how they might want to deploy different methods and technology to deal with it.”