Roadside checkpoints operable from tonight

September 25th, 2018|0 Comments

The net is closing in on Bermuda’s drink drivers as roadside breath test checkpoints become a reality tonight.

The Bermuda Police Service will be out in force in Paget and Devonshire to check drivers and riders as they pass through the checkpoints.

The checkpoints will be set up again on Saturday and Sunday.

After decades of campaigning and countless alcohol-related traffic crashes that have contributed to Bermuda’s place at the top of international crash rate tables, campaigners celebrated the Road Traffic (Roadside Sobriety Checkpoints) Amendment Act 2018.

They asked motorists to forget about trying to figure out how to avoid the checks and instead look at ways to avoid the risk of driving while over the legal alcohol limit.

Shari-Lynn Pringle, campaign manager for road safety group A Piece of the Rock, a partner of The Royal Gazette’s Drive for Change campaign, said: “The legislative changes are starting to take place in Bermuda to make our roads safer.

“We all have to be part of a cultural shift towards mature motoring that respects life over recklessness.”

The Royal Gazette has published a full-page poster today designed to outline the facts on roadside breath tests, which also includes information about ways to get home safely.

The Royal Gazette also joined the police on a Friday night in Hamilton before the checkpoints were introduced and a report and film documented the events.

Reporters from The Royal Gazette will again join the police this weekend as they set up the first of the checkpoints.

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