Protect drink-drivers from themselves

March 24th, 2018|0 Comments

Dear Sir,

As we all know, road safety and safe driving typically comes from education and family/peers. You learn about safety and how accidents can change or terminate your lives for ever.

You also learn and hear about previous accidents and road deaths and so on. We are constantly reminded to drive safely and to take our time on the roads. However, some of us still decide to drive like maniacs — risking your own life and other people’s — and/or drive drunk.

If an individual is aware of the risks of driving dangerously or driving drunk, then clearly they are unable to make the right decision — not to drive or to slow down.

So my thoughts are simple: I tend to blame the people who can make a difference and who do not. For example, some people will have dinner in town and will have a good amount of drinks. Some of those people will catch a cab while others will drive home.

My point here is that people should step up and ensure that they get in a cab. I see and have heard of too many occasions where people just keep to themselves and don’t intervene. The same applies to establishments that sell liquor.

To add to the above, if you notice a crazy and dangerous driver on the road, why can’t we report them to the police? I have a GoPro set-up in my car and on my bike, and almost every day, I catch an incident of some sort that almost leads to an accident.

I would love to be able to bring this go-pro footage to the police and have them charge the offenders with dangerous driving.

Far too often I hear younger males talking about how they nipped through traffic and speed around, popping wheelies, etc. A concerned parent, friend, or even a listener should remind these young males that this is dangerous.

I guess my point here is that I believe that one of the solutions to saving lives on our roads is for all of us to get involved; for all of us to go the extra step to ensure that our fellow citizens do not make a wrong decision with driving.

You may just save someone’s life. And, to me, that’s worth getting involved.


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