Police warning as driver clocked at 84km/h

May 4th, 2020|0 Comments

Road users were today warned to slow down after a driver was clocked at almost 2½ times the speed limit during the shelter in place restrictions.

Traffic police highlighted that — although the roads were quieter during the lockdown — there were more people out on foot for permitted exercise periods.

A spokesman for the service’s roads policing unit explained: “Although there may be less vehicular activity, there are many more people exercising.”

He was speaking after a motorist was recorded driving at 84km/h this week.

The spokesman added that a roadside speed check near Port Royal in Southampton had clocked another road user travelling at 79km/h — more than twice the 35km/h limit.

The RPU said: “We need to slow down.

“In the time of Covid-19, the RPU don’t want to be out catching speeders. But 80k. Really?”

Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes said that less traffic was not a “licence to travel at rates of speed that exceed the current speed limit”.

Mr Weekes warned road users: “We remind you that the rules of the road still apply despite the current climate and the Bermuda Police Service Roads Policing Unit will be stringently enforcing those rules.

“We advise that you stay within the speed limit and exercise caution as you traverse the island’s roadways.”

Mr Weekes said road users should also show “care and consideration” for the personnel at roadside checkpoints and others using the roads to exercise.

Mr Weekes said: “Let’s avoid any untoward situations during these already stressful times.”

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