Police patrols would curb bad drivers

February 21st, 2018|0 Comments

Dear Sir,

My immediate reaction to the visitor’s observations in The Royal Gazette of February 16 concerning the confusing and dangerous aspects of riding on Bermuda’s roads, was that he hit the nail on the head.

Instead of disputing the facts as pointed out by a person with no axe to grind or anything to gain, police inspector Robert Cardwell should just ask himself and his department how they could do better. And do it.

I have been on the island often in the past 20 or so years visiting friends and extended family, and I too have noted the lack of police presence on the roads. I have never seen one patrolling the roads. A police car could be parked at strategic spots and at key hours of the day to help to curb recklessness. I long ago lost my nerve for hiring any two-wheeled vehicle for getting around, realising the danger I would be putting myself into.

If word gets around about the shocking number of road deaths on the island, Bermuda’s tourism numbers would surely decrease. The powers that be allowed this industry to sink before when the financial companies arrived — that was to be the new focus — and the island population paid the price in lack of jobs in the tourist-service industry. It could happen again if you’re not careful.


Montreal, Canada

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