Motorists the issue, not Tee St junction

January 30th, 2018|0 Comments

Dear Sir,

Having read Saturday morning’s paper (January 27, 2018), I was somewhat surprised to see a mention of the possibility of erecting a stop light at the notoriously “dangerous” piece of road at the junction of Tee Street and Middle Road, Devonshire.

Stupid is as stupid does — and you cannot fix stupid. “Measure twice, cut once” is the old saying and along with that goes “look left, look right and do it again”. Then proceed with caution.

As a road user, and one who lives in the area and uses that very intersection probably more than the average person, I will say that I have never come close to, or had, an accident there.

If people were to slow down, stop at stop signs and amber lights, then wait at red lights and take some time to look around and enjoy the beauty this island has to offer, we may see fewer accidents everywhere.

There are too many people multitasking behind the wheel of a car or at the helm of their motorbikes and a general lack of attention while driving that is the issue. The intersection is not the issue; it is the person in control of whatever vehicle they are responsible for that is the issue.

Today’s headline (Monday, January 29, 2018) is great to see. The roads are pretty much a free-for-all and out of control. The undertaking is the latest craze for some.

I am not sure what gets in people’s heads, but this sense of “I am indestructible” has got to stop before many more families are left devastated by some very stupid decision-making.

Good luck with your Drive for Change. I hope that all persons are paying attention and make a huge effort to slow down, look around and enjoy Bermuda.

Please stop putting yourselves and others at risk.


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