The Bermuda Road Safety Council is to conduct “mock sobriety tests” so the public can learn about their blood alcohol levels.

Dennis Lister III, the chairman of the Council, announced the initiative at a press conference at the Transport Control Department today.

He said: “The average member of the public may know what the blood alcohol limit is legally, but very few can tell you what their level is.

“This initiative is twofold: it will educate but also be a preventive measure. This new initiative will be a tool to help people know what their limit is.”

The first mock tests will take place at Horseshoe Bay Beach tomorrow between 5pm and 7pm.

Attendees of Horseshoe Bay will be encouraged to stop at a booth to take a breath test and see how much alcohol is in their blood.

Mr Lister added: “For those that blow under the limit, they will for future reference be able to know what their blood alcohol limit is.

“For those that blow over the limit, we will advise them to take an alternate option to get home. There are taxis and minibuses on hand to get persons home.

“Options also involve a designated driver or someone to pick you up. Home Safe is another option too.

“As the police will be out conducting sobriety checkpoints, we want the public to ‘take a blow and know’ rather than to drive and be a risk. It is well known that alcohol will be consumed over the holiday but we ask that you be responsible and don’t drink and drive. ‘Think, choose, live’.”

Anthony Santucci of anti alcohol and drug abuse charity CADA reminded the public of a simple message: “ABCD — Always use a Bus, Cab or Designated Driver.”

He added: “The important message is if you plan to consume alcohol have a plan in place to get home safely.

“It might be worth reminding everyone that it is illegal to serve anyone who is visibly intoxicated.”