Man arrested after high-speed police chase

April 11th, 2018|0 Comments

A man was arrested outside the office of The Royal Gazette following a high-speed police chase in Hamilton today.

The arrest happened at about 1pm shortly after a motorcyclist was seen speeding down Par-la-Ville Road with a police bike in pursuit.

His bike elevated off the speed bump outside The Royal Gazette before heading around the roundabout and past Bermuda Athletic Association car park.

According to one witness, the biker narrowly missed hitting a pedestrian on the pavement near Bermy Cuisine.

Shortly after, the biker drove on to Par-la-Ville Road, dismounted his bike and ran into a nearby office. A troop of police vehicles surrounded the entrance to the building.

He was later arrested near the walk way to Bermy Cuisine.

The man could be seen smiling, telling police: “I’ll be out on bail in two weeks.”

By Sarah Lagan

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