Free parking incentive against drink-driving

January 18th, 2019|0 Comments

Drivers will be offered two extra hours of free parking in a Hamilton city car park if they leave their vehicle overnight on a Friday in an effort to discourage drink-driving.

Now motorists will have until 10am on a Saturday to collect their vehicles.

The City of Hamilton said yesterday it would allow a “grace period” for people who leave their car overnight in No 1 car park on Fridays.

A spokeswoman said: “With the recent implementation of roadside sobriety checks and the general call for drivers to be more responsible when it comes to drinking and driving, the city wants to be able to offer motorists an option that will encourage them to leave their car without having to collect it by 8am.

“Parking in No 1 car park will be free between the hours of 6pm on Friday and 10am on Saturday for those vehicles left overnight.

“Those vehicles that are not removed by 10am on Saturday mornings will start to incur the hourly $2 fee.”

She added that No 1 car park was a short-term option for no more than three hours and any stay longer than that would start to run up charges to a maximum of $81.

More information about parking in Hamilton can be found on the city’s website.

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