Drive for Change winner backs road safety efforts

December 5th, 2018|0 Comments

The football coach winner of The Royal Gazette’s road safety campaign’s Facebook competition has red-carded drink driving and speeding.

Calvin Blankendal said the Drive for Change campaign had made him more aware of the need for better behaviour on the roads.

He said: “The campaign has certainly made me more aware of what I drink when I am going to drive.

“No one wants to have too much enforcement but if they make the roads safer for everyone, I support them.

“Speed control is already enforced overseas. When we go overseas, we are mindful of speeds and not consuming alcohol while driving.”

He added: “Kids should also be growing up learning the right way to drive.

“If we see in five years that there is less or no loss of life, then it all makes sense.”

Mr Blankendal added: “It is just the way we are in Bermuda — we are so laid back and take things for granted.

“I support the campaign because it highlights the fact that driving is something you have to really focus on.”

Mr Blankendal was speaking after he was selected at random from the campaign’s Facebook page after he hit the “like” button to enter the competition.

He won a $100 dollar voucher from the campaign’s first sponsor, hardware and home store Gorham’s, as well as a bag of road and vehicle-related prizes and a Drive for Change T-shirt, key ring and bumper sticker.

The Drive for Change campaign has called for a continuation of roadside breath tests, the introduction of speed cameras and better training for road users.

Keisha Harvey, of St George’s came second in the competition and won a $50 Gorham’s gift voucher and a bag of prizes.

• There will be more opportunities to win prizes by liking

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