Charles Gosling, Mayor of Hamilton

“We are in a crisis. We need to stop the trend and we need to do it now. We need to work together and demand from our community that we will be responsible road users and we will adhere to the rules and that we will use our best judgment when getting behind the wheel of a car or on a bike.

“In 2017, we lost 15 lives on our roads and it was described as a year of carnage. We need to do better in Bermuda in an effort to eradicate the loss of life on our roads and improve the safety.”

Walter Roban, Deputy Premier and transport minister

“This is a crisis that our country faces with road safety. We have had hundreds of people die or be injured as a result of bad driving behaviour. We have to change.

“The Government will be putting in place roadside sobriety testing — it is a procedure and a process and its time has come in Bermuda. You will be seeing a lot more information supported and put forward by the Road Safety Council to address the behaviour of all of us on our roads.

“The Drive for Change by the Gazette is a worthy campaign to have launched and to be available so that we in this community can come to terms with the problem that we face.”

Dennis Lister III, chairman of the Bermuda Road Safety Council

“We support this campaign to encourage better driving habits and to raise awareness of the dangers of bad driving.

“Educating the driving public on good driving skills is paramount and will be a major tool in tackling bad driving. One life lost on our roads is one life too many. Think. Choose. Live.”

Fiona Elkinson, Bermuda DUI Education Programme

“It seems to many that drinking and driving is OK because everyone is doing it — rich and poor, black and white, old and younger, even seniors.

“It is locals and expats. It is everywhere. Many, even most, clients who participate in the DUI education programme have driven impaired many times. Sometimes hundreds of times, thousands in some cases.”

Joseph Froncioni, a surgeon and former chairman of the Bermuda Road Safety Council

“I have one message for the politicians — thoughts and prayers are no longer sufficient.

“I have seen government after government pay lip service and we now need action. I would encourage the minister and the Road Safety Council to get the wheels spinning and enact the roadside sobriety testing legislation. Implement that legislation and enforce it.”

Shari-Lynn Pringle, campaign manager for A Piece of the Rock documentary and campaign

“As a result of our documentary, we do have a call for action – roadside sobriety checks, graduated licensing and enforcement of speed on our roads through advanced measures such as speed cameras and enforcing laws that are already on the books.”

Anthony Santucci, chairman of Cada

“We thank The Royal Gazette for its Drive for Change programme. We have been in this fight for a decade and we have lost too many lives. It is time that we make a change.”