Car dealer promotes road safety

July 24th, 2018|0 Comments

Hundreds of people have promised to be safer drivers since the launch of a pledge wall at a car dealer earlier this year.

The wall at Auto Solutions in Pembroke has been signed by visitors to the showroom who want to support Bermuda’s safe-driving movement.

Harry Andrews, sales and operations manager, came up with the idea for the pledge wall and was also inspired by The Royal Gazette’s Drive for Change campaign.

He said: “Being one of the larger car dealers on the island, we felt a responsibility to try to help the Drive for Change campaign.

“We want to be more family-oriented and community-driven and this wall of signatures provides that.”

Mr Andrews said that the wall gave signatories the motivation to adopt cautious driving techniques.

He explained: “When you sign something, you feel more invested in it. You are committing to something and there’s a responsibility there.

“If you simply say it, the promise gets lost.”

Mr Andrews said that the response to the pledge wall had been positive with up to 500 signatures on display.

Mr Andrews added: “People really love the concept and think it’s great.

“They leave comments or draw hearts, maybe in memory of someone.”

He explained that the wall “keeps the issue of road safety at the frontline. We don’t want to become desensitised to it”.

Melissa Caldwell, executive assistant and HR manager at Auto Solutions, said she believed the wall would combat desensitisation to danger on the roads, which was “where Bermudians are headed at the moment”.

Mr Andrews added his mindset about road safety changed when he had his first child.

He said: “I realised I could accidentally hurt someone else’s child on the road. Everyone has their personal story and personal reason.”

Auto Solutions employees spearheaded company discussions about road safety and the responsibility that came with the sale of vehicles to the public.

Ms Caldwell said: “On Monday mornings, we receive the cars after accidents from the weekends or holidays.

“We see the physical aftermath on the cars and some of the damage is pretty shocking.”

Mr Andrews added: “The wall also commits our 44 employees to safety. Constantly seeing the display keeps awareness at our forefront.”

The pledge wall is illuminated at night and can be seen through the front window by passers-by.

Mr Andrews said that people should “feel free to stop by any time” to sign the pledge wall.

He concluded that it was vital “to make sure we are all on the same page. It is literally a matter of life and death”.

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