Resident calls for better roads after crash

December 7th, 2019|0 Comments

A Southampton resident has called for road improvements after a car smashed through a fence and landed in the water near Jews Bay, Southampton.

Everett Gibson, who lives near the scene of the crash, said the crash was one of a series, but that little effort had been made to improve safety.

Mr Gibson added: “I told them the camber of the road is the problem, but all they did was put up a fence.

He explained the road “leans” towards the edge of the cliff, which can cause motorists to veer towards the edge.

Mr Gibson said: “That fence has been crashed through twice. I’m tired of beating my head against the wall about this.

“There has been accident after accident after accident. It happens and then it’s forgotten about. Someone is going to get killed out there.”

Mr Gibson added that vehicles had also crashed into a nearby utility pole “two or three times” and he knew of several motorcyclists losing control — including police officers. He added: “The road has got ruts and holes. All they do is patch it up when they need to repave it.”

The latest crash happened yesterday and the car came to rest upside down in the water.

A police spokesman said the driver of the vehicle had been taken by ambulance to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

The spokesman added: “He appeared to have no visible injuries, but complained of back and shoulder pain.”

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