No change in sight for appalling habits

March 16th, 2018|0 Comments

Dear Sir,

First let me congratulate The Royal Gazette for the Drive for Change programme. Regrettably, words have made almost no change to the appalling driving habits of too many road users.

Harbour Road is a zoo of dangerous, high-speed driving, passing at junctions and corners, and driving without lights after lighting-up time.

Until the Police are given the proper tools to do their job, this will continue. The solution is 100 per cent with the Government — bring our antiquated traffic laws up to date, give the Police the ability to do their job more efficiently, and encourage them to enforce all traffic laws.

In the opinion of many people, the most important single thing needed to improve road anarchy is police presence. There should be at least 25 per cent of the Bermuda Police Service visible on our roads at all times.

Another thought, how many millions of visitors have not come to Bermuda because of our awful roads and road habits. This would mean the loss of millions of dollars going into our economy.


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