Six motorists were fined $1,500 each and banned from the roads for 18 months after they admitted impaired driving charges in Magistrates’ Court.

Magistrate Maxanne Anderson heard that motorcyclist Cesar Zepeda Gonzalez, 21, from St George’s, was involved in a single-vehicle crash on Middle Road in Smith’s near to the intersection with Arlington Drive at 10.50pm on June 14.

Nicole Smith, for the Crown, said police in an unmarked patrol car found a damaged motorcycle on its side on the road.

Gonzalez told police officers he could not remember what happened.

He said: “I don’t know. I just remember someone helping me off the floor.”

The court also heard that Keijon Goins, 25, from Pembroke, was seen “drinking Hennessy from a large bottle” on July 5 before he got on his motorcycle and drove on to Astwood Park Road in Warwick.

Police stopped him and decided he had been drinking.

Ms Smith said Goins was “staggering all over”.

Goins told police: “I’m co-operating.”

Motorcyclist Zachary Steeves, 19, from Devonshire, was charged after an incident on Middle Road in Devonshire at 11.30pm on August 2.

Ms Smith said Steeves drove on to the road from a side street and fell over on his bike in front of a police car.

Police interviewed him and suspected he had been drinking.

Sara-Ann Tucker, the duty defence counsel, said Steeves was a student with plans to study abroad.

She added he was apologetic, intended to join a treatment programme and hoped to get his driving licence back sooner.

Nassir Richardson, 23, from Smith’s, was chased by police after he drove through a speed trap on North Shore Road in Smith’s at 10pm on July 19.

Ms Smith said Richardson “almost fell off” his motorcycle when he stopped.

Ms Tucker, the duty counsel, said Richardson was a young person appearing before the courts for the first time and was sorry for his actions.

Arron Simmons, 52, from Warwick, was charged after he crashed his motorcycle as he drove along Front Street on July 26 at 8.05pm.

Simmons admitted to officers: “I’ve had about five drinks.”

Ms Tucker said Simmons was “extremely apologetic” and was prepared to pay the penalty.

Morgan Outerbridge, 23, from Smith’s, admitted driving a motor vehicle on Front Street on July 19 while impaired.

Duty counsel Ms Tucker said Outerbridge pleaded guilty, was aware of the consequences and had come to court prepared to pay a substantial fine.

Ms Anderson gave the other five defendants until September 28 to pay the fines or face 90 days in jail.

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