Most certainly not the breakfast of champions

April 27th, 2018|0 Comments

Dear Sir,

It never ceases to amaze and alarm me that so many people are still texting while driving cars and bikes. Aside from being illegal, it has been proven to be extremely dangerous.

Imagine my reaction when I saw a car this morning (April 9) drive around Crow Lane roundabout at 8.30am and the lady was driving left-handed and balancing a ceramic bowl of what I could only assume was cereal in her right hand.

There was also a spoon in the bowl, so one could only assume that this lady was regularly taking both hands off the wheel to eat her breakfast with the spoon.

Be on the lookout because she is clearly dangerous to herself, her passengers and all other road users. She was driving a white Toyota Avanza, licence plate 5XXX1. Get up a little earlier in future.

Bermuda, please let’s drive with all the appropriate care and attention.


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